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The Beatle World OOC
For all our little rants and whatnot
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31st-Jul-2009 01:23 am - Hai
Mod post
Well, obviously, keeping this RP alive is not working. So I have made a decision.

We will do one more thread, a New Years Eve party, each of us making two posts. I will then close off the thread, and the RP will be finished.

I love the RP, and it was fun while it lasted, and because of this I am at least making the time to do this last thread between me working 50 hours a weeks and volunteering I just have no time anymore.

I will be making the first post before I leave for camp, but then I will be gone for a week.

Any questions, fill free to ask.

20th-Jun-2009 02:51 pm - Hello everyone.
Mod post
Now, the comm is back, but it seems like none of the players are. I am very busy, so I can only imagine how everyone else's schedule must be.

What I am going to ask of all of you, is to post your schedules here so we all know when to be here. For example, Maybe both Pattie and Jane are free with a computer on Wednesday nights, but Pattie only has until 11, so Jane will know to get on before then so they both can post in their current thread.

My work schedule changes weekly, and I will post it each week along with days I cannot be on for whatever reason

Days I will NOT be here:

June 21st - I will be on if you need me, but I will NOT be posting due to personal reasons.
August 2nd-August 7th - Church camp.

This week's work schedule for me:

June 21st- 2pm till 9pm. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to work/get home.
June 22nd- 3pm til 11pm. I have orientation at the hospital in the morning, so I will NOT be on before work.
June 23rd- off. I will be on
June 24th- off. I will be on.
June 25th- 4pm till 11pm
June 26th- 5pm till 11pm
June 26th- 3pm till 11pm

If you do not feel comfortable posting your schedule, you do not have to go as indepth as I. Please just post something so we know when you can be on.

7th-Nov-2008 07:25 pm(no subject)

My harddrive was actually supposed to be finished today, but I never got to the shop. Why? Because I got into a spectacular car accident while leaving school.


I'm fine, completely uninjured, but my poor car is not. Passing over the gory details, by the time everything got sorted and the cop arrived and information exchanged, it was late and the shop had closed. I don't know if it'll be open tomorrow, but I'm guessing not, based on past experiances with the place. So, all other major catastrophes barred, I should definately have it back sometime next week, dears. You've no idea how much I was looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

*smushes everyone*

Keep your fingers crossed for me, with a little luck I'll have the harddrive back Monday night.

29th-Oct-2008 01:00 pm(no subject)
Okay, so. You know how my AIM was constantly failing these past few weeks? It turns out that it wasn't my internet connection at all, there was a virus on my computer that was actually attacking my harddrive. So at this point, my desktop at home is completely useless, and I have to take it to get fixed, as the virus is actually beyond anything I've ever dealt with, and my virus software is apparently useless.

Right now, my computer access is completely limited to when I'm at school, unless my uncle lets me borrow his laptop, which gets wireless access anywhere. I don't know if I'll ever have AIM on it, and I don't know how long it's going to take to get my harddrive fixed.

I'm going to post today to everywhere necessary, Dylan thread included. I get notified of posts through my e-mail, so I'll probably be able to reply to threads during the day while I'm at school. I'm not sure exactly what you guys want to do, because my posting is going to be limited for the next few weeks, maybe even more.

I'm so sorry DDDD:
28th-Oct-2008 06:16 pm - MEETING REVIEW.
Mod post
First of all, I would like to thank the two members that attended: Maureen and Jane.

Now, here's what the rest of you missed:
  • To speed up the RTL, only do a few more on-tours posts.
  • Interview thread. Either: Indianapolis, September 3rd or Chicago, September 5th
  • Brian's Birthday is September 19th, celebrated on a plane over Houston, Texas.
  • After birthday, Brian and boys spend the weekend on a millionaire's farm. Thread?
  • Concert thread? September 15: Concert at Public Auditorium, Cleveland. Inspector Carl Bear, of the Cleveland Police Department, holds the group for 15 minutes at the backstage of the Cleveland Public Auditorium, until fans calm down.
  • Boys and Brian leave for home on September 21st. Thread?
  • Pattie and Paul have a thread, after George makes Pattie upset.
  • What did George do? Pattie sees George and Ringo together?
  • Brian finds out about John and Paul
  • Jane and Paul thread, bickering. September 22nd?
  • October 8th, Ringo takes his driving test and passes. Could make for a cute thread.
  • October is filled with concerts and recordings. Threads could be anything.
  • Jane and Paul thread, date. September 23rd?
Thank you, all of this can be discussed further. If you have an idea that isn't up there, please tell me.
27th-Oct-2008 04:54 pm - MEETING
Mod post
I have decided to hold another meeting, on Tuesday, 5:30pm EST. I know it's short notice, but it's the only day I can do it.

It will run just as the last one did, and everything that we go over will be posted here, in the OOC.

Please try your best to attend, as I'm sure you've noticed the decline in activity.

I know that Brian and George are both not able to attend, and please tell me if you aren't able to either.

Thank you :]
15th-Sep-2008 07:42 am(no subject)
Cute small smile
Hey guys, I'm really sorry but I just got grounded. Hardcore grounded. No cell Geo, sorry.

I don't know when I'll be back, you guys can write for me.

Bye for now.

EDIT: Oh wait, ahah! I will have a cell phone. I'll give my parents the one without the sim card! xD

EDIT EDIT: So I will have my computer till around 3pm EST, and I will try to steal the laptop at nights. So don't worry about this too much, I can't be grounded for long. Probably for a week.

PS. Wanna know the irony?

>.< I got grounded because I missed the bus...because I slept through my alarm clock.....because I stayed up so late.

2nd-Sep-2008 05:49 pm - Meeting outline
Mod post
Here's what you missed if you weren't at the meeting:

-The Derek and John twins thread was canceled, due to the lack of a Derek and John leaving soon.

-John and George are keeping their thread the 21st

-John and Cynthia phone thread on the 22nd

-Paul and Ringo hotel room thread on the 22nd

-Brian and George thread on the 22nd

-Clubbing thread with the boys on the 26th

-A thread where the boys try to sneak into each others' room when we get a new John

-On the 27th Brian disappears for the day, and we talked about doing a thread for that, too.

So we have plenty of threads to focus on for now, and the girls can do threads amongst themselves whenever they like. And that was about it. If there are any questions or comments, just ask.
30th-Aug-2008 02:48 pm - News
Mod post
Hello everyone, your mod here.

And there is some bad news.

John has decided to leave, and so has Brian. They both have multiple reasonings, all reasonable and understandable. John will stay until we find a new one, and I think Eppy will stick around for a bit as well.

The meeting will still take place at the scheduled time, and I will be running it.

Now, I want to offer the roles of both John, Brian, and Derek to you girls, if you want it. And Stuart, you too.

And also, John, Eppy, I want you both to know that you guys are always welcome to come post in the OOT if you want, and that goes for anyone else who decides that they want to leave.

Anyone can address me with any comments, questions, or concerns :)
This particular post will house all you need to know about the proposed weekly meetings for TBW's players.

When are these meetings? Tuesday evenings at 5 P.M. EST (that's 10 P.M. for our Brits and 2 P.M. for Richie). They are 'scheduled' to only last about an hour, but may be shorter. Should not last too much over an hour.

What do I do if I can't make the meeting at that time? Please give notification to either me or Macca as soon as you know you can't make it. (Macca has a changing work schedule so may not be at every meeting, he said. But I will always be there.)

This avoids the problem of waiting for you to arrive in the meeting before we start and wasting time wondering whether you will show. The meetings will start promptly at the time scheduled and if you show up late, don't demand to know what was happening. There will be e-mail notifications and OOC posts outlining all topics discussed in the meetings, you will just have to wait for that. Wasting time in the meetings catching up late members achieves nothing. Try to be on time.

Where are these meetings? In a TBW-sponsored AIM chatroom. If AIM is not working for everyone at that time, you know the drill, we switch to Yahoo.

What is the purpose of these meetings? The ONLY discussion in the chat will be that of plot and threads related to the RTL of TBW. No comments off that topic will be accepted. Normal chatter will occur the other 167 hours of the week, this specific hour is only for statements of where the plot of TBW RTL is going. The simple purpose of these meetings will be to get everyone informed of what is going on, instead of hit and miss with who knows what. These meetings are specifically tailored to use an hour of our week to the fullest extent we can at getting everyone on the same page.

What WILL be discussed versus what will NOT be discussed at these meetings:

- upcoming events from the chronology (things that are documented that The Beatles did i.e., concerts, press conferences, and the like), possible character arcs and developments to occur due to these events or because of these events,  posting orders, and possible threads to be started.

WILL NOT BE DISCUSSED - POSTED/YAYFORPOST, topics not directly related to items mentioned above, deep character analysis (that can be saved for outside of these meetings), and RL items.

What will the meeting's OOC posts and e-mails be about?

Their Content: an outline of all that was discussed in the meeting, in order of discussion, so those that missed the meeting can catch up and/or those that were at the meeting can have a record or what was discussed.

Who Will Write Them: Me, for the first meeting. If I am not up to par, and suggestions for a more apt documentarian are made, I will hand over the reins. It has not been decided who will do it if an emergency occurs and I am unable to be present. If you are interested in this position, please let Macca know.

Where WIll These Outlines Be Available? I will send an e-mail out to everyone who requests to be on the list after every meeting, and will also make an OOC post for every meeting.

Special Features of the OOC posts: Besides serving as an outline of the meeting, members can post suggestions in forms of comments on what they would like discussed at the next meeting. I will add whatever is suggested to the agenda, and it will be brought up for discussion at the next meeting. Please post your suggestions here before the meeting because if everyone tries to throw their ideas on the floor at once, we'll never get anything done in an hour. With the suggestions made in one place, and I possessing a record of them, I will bring them up one by one in the meeting, and they will all be considered one at a time.

WIll there be reminders of these meetings? I will send off-line IMs, and e-mails to those who want them, before each meeting to remind everyone in plenty of time that the meeting is approaching.

Questions, comments, and concerns. Please, this whole thing was my idea, brainstormed on the way home from school one morning, Macca had nothing to do with this Nazi organization trip, lol. Feel free to ask questions, show concerns, or make comments about any reservations or support you have of this idea here in this thread. 

Please Note: These meetings are not an attempt to set in stone everything that will happen in the RTL. Spontaneous things will come up, of course, because our characters do unpredictable things... this is just to make sure no one jumps ahead of events on accident, or skips others ideas because not everyone is aware of what everyone wants all the time. Simply, this is an attempt to reconcile that. So everyone can do their thing, without running over someone else. It's never intentional, but can be avoided.

Now here's what I need everyone to do:
Everyone has to respond to this post with the following information:
If you wish for the OOC posts by e-mail, or to be notified by e-mail of when the meetings are coming up, please leave your e-mail. And please let me know in a response if you DON'T want e-mail notifications. 

Any suggestions for the first meeting next Tuesday. The agenda is below, underneath a cut. Please look over it and make suggestions on what you would like to add to the discussion at the next meeting. 

Comments, concerns, and questions about the meetings in general, as well. Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind.

TENTATIVE AGENDA FOR THE MEETING ON TUESDAY, SEPT. 1ST. Please read and make comments.Collapse )



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